PINK SCREENS is back and we hope as innovative and bold as ever!

Ten days of exploration of gender, sexualities and multiples and troubling identities. Ten days of premieres, previews of this year with two meetings with the Belgian queer cinema: a series of short and as the closing film, Outside the Walls.

Ten days of discovery, as in the radicalism of queer cinema in our two focuses HALSTED PLAYS HIMSELF, and activism ACT NOW!

Ten days of discussions and meetings, including pupils of the Brussels Region during school sessions.

Ten days of appointments with unusual characters: the moving Francine, the soft skinned Silent Youth, the quest and personal struggle of Rachid B. in Le Ciel en Bataille (The Battle in Heaven), and the touching story of Eli Levén in She Male Snails ...

But also ten days of exhibition, performances, parties, ... and one night, the longest and most pink of the year, the inevitable Pink Night, this year at the MADELEINE!

And it starts in strength with our two hot opening movies...

Welcome and enjoy the festival at NOVA, BOZAR, and ADVENTURE!

The Pink Team

Focus Halsted plays himself

Director of Sex Garage and LA Plays Itself, inspired by Warhol and Kenneth Anger, Fred Halsted develops a personal and radical work, blurring the boundaries between art and porn, which earned him the praise of the MoMA. His work have inspired many others, as evidenced in Finished (p.XX) by William E. Jones (who will introduce Halstead’s film) and the feminist and queer Community Action Center by AK Burns & AL Steiner. A well-deserved tribute to one of queer cinema’s most influential filmmakers.

Act Now !

Pink Screens Film Festival has always been an activist festival. This year it especially emphasizes activism in its various forms and the struggles of activists. Whether in Africa (Call me Kuchu) or in our Western societies, whether by a retrospective (or Lesbiana The Invisibles), or following its evolution ((a)sexual) or by being itself a way to promote activism (Community Action Center), these energy packed films, invite you all to take action..

8 till 17 November 2012
Cinéma Nova, Brussels