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Sunday, November 11, 2012 - 19:30
Cinema Nova

Made in Belgium

Marie Braeuner
2011Belgiumvo: fr
sub: nl
Pauline celebrates her 15th birthday with her family. Time for them to explain her that at her age a young girl should stop playing football.
Christophe Hermans
Belgiumvo: fr
sub: nlen
Sophie is a bodybuilder. Behind the ritualized gestures of her training she reveals her frailty and humanity.
Arnaud Dufeys
2012Belgiumvo: fr
sub: nlen
Hugo, 34, and a teacher in a boarding school is has his routine disturbed by Jules, a provocative teenager...
Animated private diary revealing the different imaginary identities the director took on in his childhood.
Laurie Colson
sub: nlen
Audacious and disturbing evocation of trans-identities and the fine line between the feminine and masculine genders.
Anthony Schatteman
Belgiumvo: nl
sub: fren
When the son of a schlager singer wants to sing the song his own way. Sing-along !
In a strange night club, where faceless knights wander, a young woman cries for her lost beloved...

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Cinema Nova

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