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Sat 17/11


William E. Jones
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Finished is a detective story and a love story, a film noir bathed in sunlight. It’s a film of contradictions : pornographic yet chaste, distanced yet mesmerizing, reticent yet moving. It reminds us that life in the movies is not like life at the movies. Haunted by the image the 25-year-old Lambert left behind upon his suicide in Square Saint-Louis just before Christmas 1992, artist Jones borrows from biographical, documentary and experimental approaches to perform an emotional autopsy of a life tragically cut short. With an introduction by the artist himself. I am Curious : Pink ! : William E. Jones is also invited by OFFoff - art cinema on Monday 19/11 - 20:30 - OFFoff te Gent (more info :

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In the presence of William E. Jones

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