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Sun 11/11

Silent Youth

Diemo Kemmesies
Germanyvo: de
sub: fren
A film for misfits, dreamers and lovers. It's the classic coming-out story, but it focuses on the moments one tends to quickly forget : the first approach, the creaking of the chair while sitting across from each other, not knowing what to say. Two young men wandering the streets of Berlin. Marlo meets Kirill, and starts following him. A strange relationship begins to develop. The more Kirill exposes about himself, the more confusing it gets for Marlo. A film about silence, but above all a film about love.
Nicolas Graux
2012Belgiumvo: fr
sub: nlen
Nil follows Luca off the beaten track through tall grass and low branches. The rising sun on his face. He observes Luca, his back, his nape...

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