Wed. 14/11/2012 - 19:30
Cinema Nova


In a motorway rest area, two lorry drivers exchange glances, approach and caress each other... A phone rings...
Kai Stänicke
vo: en
sub: fr
Somewhere between reality and fantasy, a passionate story like it could have been...
Jan Soldat
vo: de
sub: fren
Age does not protect you from sex and SM play is one sure way to stop you from counting the flowers on the wallpaper. Add some nipple clamps, chains and other utensils to your toolbox. Both hard and soft : as you like it.
Juanma Carrillo
vo: es
sub: fren
Two guys make the most of their lunch break by making out in the car.
Nikola Ljuca
vo: sr
sub: fren
Belgrade by night. A former soldier and a young man come together. As dawn approaches, nothing will be same again...
Antonio Da Silva
2011United Kingdom
A short film about anonymous bodies using online flirting, multiple spontaneous random brief encounters… and a wedding.
Antonio Da Silva
2012United Kingdom
vo: en
sub: frnl
A crossover between a road-trip in Portugal and a summer love story, poetic narrative mixed with factual and personal elements. Julian or the “noble savage” …
Zvi Landsman
vo: he
sub: fren
Jonathan's thirst for love brings him to the park for the first time. He just wants to be held, will the park offer him that ? And what will it take in return ?
Evan Roberts
vo: en
sub: frnl
The boy nextdoor is totally fascinated with the comb of his attractive neighbour… When subtleties make a huge difference !

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