Seeing you again… After an atypical and tough year for culture and the associative sector, Pink Screens will be there in the flesh for its twentieth edition. During ten days, the festival will propose dozens of films from all over the world, a cinema that blows up the screen and norms, deconstructs binarities and articulates pride. For twenty years, a fantastic team of volunteers has been programming fiction films, documentaries and experimental films, both long and short, selected with passion and curiosity.
Europe is being built, but Europe is facing its demons when we witness the erection of barbed wire walls at its borders, when certain countries revise their constitutions to reduce or eliminate the rights of women and certain minorities. In this decried Europe, we see pockets of resistance emerge, which is why we wanted to offer you this focus on "And in the East, nothing new?" There are artists, activists and citizens expressing themselves and claiming loud and clear their right to the freedom of being who they are, to freedom of expression.
Pink Screens 2021 is 35 feature films and 7 short film screenings with many guests, including Nabil Ben Yadir who will be with us for the Brussels premiere of his film "Animals".
Pink Screens is also an exhibition with a dozen queer artists from very different backgrounds, it's two engaging debates, it's readings, it's meet ups. And Pink Screens is also partying... Ah, the Thursday evening parties. Ah, the not-to-be-missed Pink Night... Alas, the pandemic has taken its toll, so let’s see what is possible this year... But next year, for the 21st anniversary of Pink Screens, we'll pretend we're still 20 years old and we'll have a blast!

FOCUS "And in East, Nothing New?"

This year, Pink Screens, faced with the rise of religious conservatism and so-called "LGBT ideology-free zones," wanted to highlight the diversity of the struggles of our queer comrades from what has been called Eastern Europe! In the face of an unbearable reality, resistance is asserted against all odds (Wet Sand, Georgia), even if being oneself is often only possible within one's walls (Poppy Field, Romania)... Despite the hostility, our comrades build their own private East, filled with amazing reunions and lesbian passions (Cometas, Georgia), radiating in polychromatic explosions against the binary greyness (Colors of Tobi, Hungary), showing us another side of the East: the one of the lionesses who stand up and do not let themselves be easily taken in (The Hill Where Lionesses Roar, Kosovo).

Focus "Porn, porn, porn"

An exhibition at MIMA on the archives of the famous ABC porn cinema, why not? But only straight porn, because of course gay/queer porn has never been allowed at the ABC. At Pink Screens, this year again, we will revisit this genre that never stops renewing itself for better or worse. From the more than spicy archives of the American studio Palm Drive Video in Raw! Uncut! Video! to the screening of the cult French porn Équation à un Inconnu which inspired Yann Gonzalez's Le Couteau dans le Coeur, from the almost do it yourself porn of Madame Morgana to La Chatte à 2 têtes, Jacques Nolot's wonderful film illustrating the reappropriation by gays of places intended for the straight public. A "Gueulante" on the subject will allow you to discuss the impact that porn has (or not) on our lives.