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The hill where lionesses roar

The Hill where Lionesses roar
Luàna Bajrami
vo: sq
sub: fren

The film describes the complex summer of three Kosovar teenage girls who dream of getting out of their hole, if possible by avoiding the paths laid out for them by the omnipresent patriarchy. There are many scenes in the sun with smoking, drinking and getting a little bored, before the film switches to an unexpected and quite convincing gangster rodeo. This shift allows the filmmaker to reinvent the destiny of her three heroines and to offer them, at all costs, a glittering horizon that could have been totally out of their reach.

This is the first film of Luàna Bajrami, an actress in Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Sophie, the Pregnant Maid), who follows the footsteps of Sofia Coppola (Virgin Suicides), Céline Sciamma (Bande de filles) and Deniz Gamze Ergüven (Mustang).

Bodies like oceans
KC Cory
United States
vo: en
sub: fr

Revealing the beauty of bodies, that's what Shoog McDaniel's enchanting work is about. The photographer is a self-defined "queer fat southern freak". 

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