dim. 22/05/2022 - 14:00

Join our comm team as volunteer


! Volunteer job and Team !

Pink Screens is looking for some Comms nerds to join us this year!

Are you a social media enthusiast & have a deep interest for queer and feminist cinema?


The Comms team is in charge of:

Disseminating the news about Genres d'à côté activities, queer community & queer cinema.
Drafting web content
Preparing Newsletters
Creating visual material
Social Media management

During the festival:

Keeping the audience informed on our social media and communication platforms.
Coordination tasks including leading the team of photographers
Conduct interviews with directors & other stakeholders
Represent the team
Helping the Pink Screens team

We are looking for people that:

Can communicate in English & (French or Dutch)
Have experience and understanding of digital communications and interests in the latests trends
Are creative and have some graphic and video design skills ( not need to be an expert though )

As soon as possible.
We are a team of volunteers. We are looking for people who are willing to commit and be part of this team. We reunite at night or on weekends but we work remote for the most time so it really depends on the time you can participate. P
ink Screens is on all the year and the comms team is very busy from September until the festival in November.

If you are interested, send a email to gdac_web@gdac.org mentioning why you want to join us this year.