Wed. 13/11/2019 - 19:30

Made in Belgium # Experimental

Yves Cantraine
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A look back at a stay in New York. Thirty years have passed. In the company of his lover, the filmmaker explores the remains of the past in pursuit of lost emotions and delivers a disturbing and hypnotic essay.

In German, "Stilwende" means "change of style". In 1981, the director was 24 years old and lived in New York for a year. He still keeps the super 8 images filmed by his visiting father and the letters he wrote to his parents during that year. He returned in 2011 and filmed in video. But things have changed and he is no longer who he used to be. But who did he want to be? Who was that double who was trying to break out? Another period of time - before he was born - comes to the fore.

Under the Dress
Aleksandr M. Vinogradov
BelgiumRussian Federation
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As a child, the Russian-born filmmaker had an intimate and complicit relationship with his grandmother, where he could dress as a woman and explore his identities. Through the VHSs of this period of his life, he rediscovers these moments of tenderness and freedom that he sets against the politically stifling present.

82 ways
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A deep emotion, a captured story, a paradoxically fixed instant, when traces left behind by a father - who forever eludes us - are revealed during a funeral.

The screening

This year, we are offering you two sessions Made in Belgium! They highlight the unique talent of three filmmakers. Three surprising and poetic films that explore intimacy, family relationships and memory. In "Stilwende", Yves Cantraine returns to New York after having lived there 30 years ago and explores the traces from the past. With "82 ways", Klep Tom offers a moving dialogue with his deceased father. Finally, Aleksandr Vinogradov returns in "Under the Dress" to the dynamic and lively relationship he had as a child with his grandmother in Russia.



KlepTom (Director)
Yves Cantraine (Director)
Alexandr M Vinogradov (Director)

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Rue A. Orts 20-28