Pink Screens Film Festival - 12

10 days of multiple identities and new films!

We’ll rediscover some old favourites from your festival: on opening night, Cannes honoured L’inconnu du Lac by Alain Guiraudie, and closing the festival, the eccentric and wacky Who’s afraid of Vagina Wolf? by Ana Margarita Albelo. A comeback by Buck Angel with Sexing the transman and a surprising and touching follow up to Sebastiano d’Ayala Valva’s ’Transvestites also Cry’ with Angel.

10 days of extraordinary energy take us further east with the focus TO THE EAST, and attacking

bodily norms a focus on BODY POSITIVITY.

Discovery is also on the agenda with the work of Su Friedrich Lord in a special exclusive-in-Belgium session. Also, the bold E agora ? Lembra me (What now? Remind me) by Joaquim Pinto and several sessions devoted to short films – the ultimate innovation format – Made in Belgium and Transpédégouines en Shorts

And then some... 10 days of debates, meetings, exhibitions, performances, parties ... and one very, very pink night, with the unmissable Pink Night again this year at the Madeleine!

Welcome, queer lovers, to your festival!

Pink Team

7 au 16 Novembre 2013

Focus To the East

This year Pink Screens takes a look at what’s going on in Eastern Europe. The focus “To the East” will immerse us in rebel activism with the Russians of Pussy Riot Pussy Riot : a punk prayer, we talk gay love in staunchly Catholic Poland (In the name of and Clip).

This is also an opportunity for all of us to support St Petersburg’s Side by Side festival which is up against the intransigence of local and national authorities.

Focus Body Positivity

Exposed bodies, bodies beyond the norm jostle our screens and shake our conventional, narrow certainties... it’s good! It’s beautiful! Burlesque like you’ve never experienced Lesbian Curves and even a completely off the wall comedy Dicke mädchen.

Last but not least, a live performance, Objet d’hystérie!. Away from all formatting, real surprises and especially invitations to be oneself! As a bonus, short films scattered in several sessions of the festival.

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