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Sat 09/11

De viris et corporibus

Antonio Da Silva
United KingdomPortugalvo: en
sub: frnl
Redheads, ginger, carrot top… Gay red hair men bear the mark of their genetical material and sexual orientation. They’re the object of the look of others over this double ‘flaw’. After ‘Mates’ (Pink Screens 2012), Antonio da Silva scrutinizes once again the body of men in action.
João Pedro Rodrigues
sub: frnl
How could the corpse of the first king of Portugal, father figure D. Afonso Henriques, possibly be the source of so many superstitions and hoaxes in the course of the country's history ?
Mathews Travis
United Kingdomvo: en
sub: frnl
Travis Mathews (‘I want your love’) sets up his camera in the bedroom of gay men to record their daily gestures, from the most banal to the most erotic. By doing so he invites us to share the intimacy of these londonien men of different origine and age group.

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In presence of ANTONIO DA SILVA

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