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Saturday, November 17, 2018 - 16:00
Cinema Nova

Space oddity

Halfway between John Waters and Jacques Demy, a whitewashed musical with a thick layer of kitsch displaying excess and bad taste with craving and delight.

Je fais où tu me dis
Marie de Maricourt
Switzerlandvo: fr
sub: en

Sarah, a young disabled girl, experiences many fantasies and is increasingly haunted by her own desires.

Ultra pulpe
Bertrand Mandico
Francevo: fr
sub: en

At a futuristic beach resort with a taste for sexplay, the filming of a fantasy film comes to an end. The director Joy asks Apocalypse, her lover and peroxide muse, for one last embrace. By the director of "The Wild Boys" (Les Garçons sauvages) screened last year.

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