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Cinema Nova
Thu 26/05

Théo & Hugo

In the basement of a sex club, the bodies of men are intertwined, consuming and being consumed. That is where Theo sees Hugo, approaches him and quickly kisses him. Suddenly, passion takes over. Their desire is sparked. Sex leads to love or the illusion of it, and their embrace is orgasmic. They leave the club together, roaming the streets of Paris by night. They then have to face the reality around them. Can they trust each other ? Do they both have the same expectations ? Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau, famous for « Crustacés et Coquillages » (Pink Screens 2005) and « L'arbre et la forêt » (Pink Screens 2010) showcase the early moments of love as it happens, filming the bodies that join, connect and intertwine of the two sometimes annoying but always alluring protagonists.

La séance

In présence of Jacques Martineau

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Cinema Nova

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