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Mon 16/11

La visita

Mauricio Lopez Fernandez
ArgentinaChilevo: es
sub: fren
In an ultra-conservative family in Chile, the father's death leads to the return not of the prodigal son but of a daughter no one expects. This appearance shakes up the perspective of all the protagonists, provoking contradictory feelings. The director's camera, reminiscent of Pasolini in 'Theorem', glides over the characters, scrutinising their gestures, words and reactions, subtly revealing a rural world full of prejudice, where Catholicism, insidiously but undoubtedly, keeps impregnating everyone's behaviour.
Beto, an imaginative and precocious 9 year-old, feels creatively stifled by his overbearing grandparents who act as his guardians. He finds an outlet through a friendship he forms with Stephany, his transgender neighbor, who helps him see the world in unexpected ways.

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