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Je ne suis pas feministe, mais...

Everybody's heard this tune ! Under this title, we draw a balance of the feminist struggle in the past and the one we will experience in the future. That's it ! The film traces the life of one of today's most important personalities, Christine Delphy : her feminist struggle, the creation of the Women's Liberation Movement (MLF), but also her childhood, the discovery of her homosexuality and her fight against racism and islamophobia. This intimate portrait, not devoid of humour, raises a number of issues. You will leave a little smarter.
Lucah RosenbergJ. Michel Reed
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Passing profiles the lives of three men of color. The film explores what life is like living as a black man, when no one knows you are transgender and how each of them perceives their own journey with gender after many years of being interacted with by the world as a biological man.

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