Pink Screens Screenings
Piscine Victor Boin
Sat 24/10

Pink Camouflage

Sarah Bracke
Belgiumvo: en
sub: frnl
« Gay rights » are often presented under the famous banner of « Clash of Civilisations » : these hard-fought rights won in the West, under threat in the Islamic world and therefore in need of defence. However, between war, politics and sexuality, aren't there many « dangerous liaisons » ? In fact, doesn't war need a narrative...Going against the tide of current discourse, and travelling between Lebanon and Belgium, this film offers a much needed-vision to pierce through our complacent consciences ! Featuring Sarah Bracke (director)
Masa HilcisinCazim Dervisevic
Bosnia and Herzegovina
sub: fren
The organisers and participants of the first queer festival in Sarajevo face up to threats on their lives with dignity and courage. A film with balls and anger.

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