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Cinema Arenberg
Thu 23/10


Juan Flahn
Spainvo: es
sub: fren
Gays ! They are models of elegance, affability and refinement. Aren't they ?! In this deliciously black comedy set in Madrid's Chueca 'gaybourhood', the characters will fart, burp and murder their way through formidable little old ladies. Will Ray save his mommy from the claws of the horrible (but oh so sexy) property developer Victor ? Will Leo save his couple from the clutches of his nightmare stepmother ? Will you save face when confronted with laughter and erections ? This is one irresistible anti-capitalist, anti-fashion and anti-gym satire. What more could you ask for ?
Aron Kantor
United Statesvo: en
sub: frnl
Richard and Carl are up to no good when they get stranded for the night at ‘Mommy's’, a slightly deranged old lady. As the night progresses, each one's divergent desires become evident... but 'Mommy' always gets what she wants. Bear camp horror guaranteed !

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Cinema Arenberg

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