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Cinema Arenberg
Sat 03/11

Trans, pédés, gouines en short

T. Arthur Cottam
2003United Statesvo: en
sub: frnl
2 women, 2 men, 1 pizza... or the naked porn.
Wayne Yung
2006Germanyvo: en
sub: fr
Is having multiple boyfriends a dream or a nightmare ? Follow the guidelines...Three steps, at times ironic and lyric, but always attaching.
Abe BernardDylan Vade
United Statesvo: en
sub: fr
Talking genitals ! A hilarious and educational film to make the world safer and happier for transgender people.
An animation inspired by the novel ‘Funeral Rites' by Jean Genet the mascot director of this festival.
A hellish descent into the world of gay pornograpphy in the former eastern bloc by an iconoclast film director.
Searching for the lost object/lost subject...
Edouard Salier
9/11 : and what if all was nothing but flesh and pornography ? Animation film.
A subtle visual display of the feeling of déjà vu.
Jean-François Rivard
Canadavo: fr
sub: nlen
Jeremie, six years old, asks his parents what the word ‘fucked' means. His father loses himself in the explanation.
A finger, a comb, a girl and a boy.

La séance

The naked porn, the word 'fucked' unraveled by a family, love stories, talking political genitals and the explosive animations of La Mathilde and Tom from Pekin are some of the queer pearls of this explosive session.

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