Thu. 01/11/2007 - 17:30
Cinema Arenberg


Loo Hui Phang
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Panorama recounts the strange tale of the photographer Pu Dchié and his neighbour Liu, a discreet and solitary student. Between them an ambiguous relationship develops, made up of confidences and many things left unsaid. The mystery that surrounds the behaviour of Pu Dchié intrigues Liu until obsession : he will spy on him and slowly discover the hidden face of his friend. Loo Hui Phang (An american election, a comic strip presented at the Pink Screens last year) directs his first and fascinating film adapted from his eponymous comic strip... Featuring the Director Loo Hui Phang
The girl dreams. She dreams of her double in search of her in the city. Inspired by Borges, Critina Dias signs a beautiful filmon the 'other' which is in all of us, filmed in movement and reflections.

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