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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - 20:00
Cinema Arenberg

Beautiful Invasions

Fannie Nipplebottom, a charming and flirtatious follower of silent cinema, wishes you a happy party.
An old lesbian film is shown in a cinema, and the audience pass their comments. A gentle deconstruction of cinema history.
Two angry grandmothers look for their underwear.
Guinevere Tuiver
United Statesvo: en
sub: fr
What would yo say to having a penis for a day ? A group of girlfriends try it out.
Melancholy. A lesbian version of Midnight Cowboy...
Dayna McLeod
Canadavo: en
sub: fr
An orgasmic confrontation and a sporting event unique in its field.
In a botanical garden, surrounded by magnificent cacti, a very special Drag King karaoke. Made by the duo Rhythm King and Her Friends.
Beate Kunath
Germanyvo: de
sub: fr
Beathe Kunath beautifully makes us witness to the separation of two women, sung by the group Sonntags.
Jennifer Garrison
Canadavo: en
sub: fr
Bizarre place for a meeting, bizarre meeting between two women.
« All the things she said, All the things she said, Running through my head, Running through my head, This is not enough… »
Maya Kenig
Israelvo: he
sub: fr
Two cats on a hot tin roof in this beautiful allegory of the Israeli-Palestinian situation.

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