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Monday, May 16, 2005 - 17:30
Cinema Nova

Queer and co!

Emilie Jouvet
For the daily use of a vibrator... and a radiant smile ?
4 performers, 1 ass hole, 1 book by Levi-Strauss and lots of gel...The first post-porno which attacks sexist and colonialist anthropology.
A dissenting and welcome view against gay marriage.
Through portraits and personal stories, a reflection on family ties.
Rowan Crowe
Canadavo: en
sub: fr
Between square dances and the local drive-in, what alternative is there for a mid-western girl with a John Wayne type father ?
Liza Johnson
United Statesvo: en
sub: fr
Two lesbians on a romantic weekend break do not count on coming across a F-to-M meeting, nor to submit to transphobia.
What does a cock see when it is let lose in a back room ?
In a few seconds the utopia of integration is brought crashing down.
The collective Panik Qulture zaps the “Indestructables” in different cinemas with riotous results.....
Mouncey Ferguson III
United Statesvo: en
sub: fr
When a gay man and a lesbian want a child together...they sometimes have to sleep together, something that is not always easy....

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