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Sun 09/05

Yves Cantraine

Yves Cantraine
Belgiumvo: fr
A son returns after a long absence to his father. They have 7 days to rediscover each other.
Could you live with someone who delibrately and systematically ignores you all the time ?
Yves Cantraine
Belgiumvo: fr
Bruno chases after Fabrice, without thought, to fly away together with him until the end.
A house in a small 20th century town. The father dies. There remains the mother and her two sons : They were four, then they are no more than three, then no more than two, then …
What will life be like when one is 65 ? On on side, the beauty of the world and its shows, on the other the intimity of two aging bodies accustomed to each other. And the reconcilation of all that…

La séance

After studies in blabla, Yves aspent a year in New York

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