Fri. 14/05/2004 - 21:30
Cinema Nova

Moments Précieux

A child stumbles on 2 men making love in the dunes
Leaving church, a catholic boy meets someone...a melange of sacred and profrane images, pink chandeliers, Christ on the cross, silk underwear.…
A course on the different techniques of masturbation, each one more crazy than the other.
Returning home, Karl-Heinz discovers his lover in the middle of an orgy. He decides to concote the perfect revenge.
Adapted from a text by Peter Handke : whispers, chaotic dance, words without hope…
A young Iranien has to choose between who he is and what his family expects.
A delirious observation of money, sex and glitter…
The life of a gay man in fast forward.
In the privacy of the changing room, rugby players go through their last rituals before the match…
A young man responds to a personal advert. The meeting is a moment of great joy and pleasure for him, but not all the world sees it that way.
An old man sits in his bedroom. A taxi arrives…

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Alexis Van Stratum

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