Los decentes (A decent woman)

ArgentinaAustriavo: es
sub: fren


Belén finds a job as the housemaid of a rich family living in the tidy suburbs of Buenos Aires. On the edge of the fortified property stands a fence. Behind it she notices libertine persons without clothes (i.e. 'naked' - OMG !), very distant from the world in which she is immersed. Feeling uncomfortable and fascinated at the same time, she ventures out to explore this path, between perfect cupcake sessions and esoteric tantra, all of it sprinkled with a good dose of dry humor. It's Austrian (Ulrich Seidl is not so far), dark and disconcerting, with a hue of particularly bitter social criticism. Yummy !
FIGa Films Sandro Fiorin sandro@figafilms.com



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