Acting straight

Acting straight
Netherlandsvo: nl
sub: fren


Acting Straight is a short documentary film showcasing “toxic masculinity” within the gay community. Through the eyes of Willem Timmers and Tofik Dibi, viewers experience how much pressure gay men place on themselves, and others, to appear manly. In an effort to break away from alpha male standards, like building a muscular physique, and show no traces of feminity, Acting Straight asks – why are so many men obsessed with masculinity, and what does this mean for those who don’t fit in?

To answer these questions, Willem and Tofik share how they tried to appear manly, and invite others to tell stories of where they fit within such rigid standards of masculinity found in the gay community. Acting Straight brings to light a hard-hitting truth – although “Pride” may be a motto to live by, there’s still a sense of shame for those who are too “feminine.” Within the gay community, there’s a feeling of doing whatever it takes to “fit in,” which includes disregarding queerness.


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