Celebrating gender and sexuality in all forms, the Pink Screens queer film festival, hosted by Genres d'à côté, returns to Brussels! This year, we’ve cooked up a delicious mix of fiction, documentaries, experimental films, as well as short and feature films. Choose from our delectable offerings found at Cinema Nova, and associated venues, Cinema Aventure, Galeries, Palace, and Beursschowburg.

2018 calls for a high-protein diet. With Pink Screens, there’s more than enough to help you meet your daily intake. However, it comes in the form of animal meat – human to be exact. With this, we daringly chose ‘Eat me’ as one of our themes and it’s way more than metaphoric! While bringing out the carnivore in everyone, Pink Screens combines everything with Brazilian flavours. A fertile ground for content matching our topics, Brazil is worth exploring. As part of PINK SCREENS’ ‘Brazil’ theme, we found the best films to showcase the country’s striking contrasts, rich history, and cultural resistance.

The festival doesn’t stop there! We’ll explore the construction of masculinity (and masculinities), amplify ‘queer voices,’ encourage dykes to direct films in efforts of activism, indulge on lemon crepes, embark on a pink candy road trip, hesitate between ‘animal’ and ‘wild’, and transverse football fields invaded by giants from Beijing.

PINK SCREENS is an experience to be lived and shared, offering ten days of films and much more! Programming includes a multifaceted exhibition, engaging debates where you can (politely) shout, and daily parties / random encounters – including the incredible Pink Night. Capping off the festival, this event is a highlight of Brussels’ queer music scene. Is your mouth watering yet?

Focus Brasil!

Brazil and its abundant and varied production of queer films! Brazil, land of contrasts: GMO fields, concrete jungles and the destruction of the Amazon forest, social and racial tensions, Carnival in Rio and LGBT-phobia. A stop here was a must. An opportunity to go on a spiritual and sexual quest listening to the whisper of the jaguar ('O Sussuro do Jaguar'), to explore sex online with 'Tinta Bruta', to meet Gustavo Vinagre once again (the construction sites of 'Nova Dubai'), to delve into a portrait of actress Julia Katharine ('Lembro Mais dos Corvos'), and to discover the multiple facets of this fascinating country through different short-films at the screening 'O Brasil em Curtas'. But also to introduce our other theme - Eat me - with 'O Clube de Canibais' and 'As Boas Maneiras'.

Focus Mange-moi!

This theme gives you a choice: eat or be eaten! But is it really a matter of choice? The cannibal(s) club can be very exclusive and class distinctive ('O clube dos canibais' in our 'Brasil!' theme). But this doesn't stop some people from dreaming about being devoured ('Protokolle' by Jan Soldat). Voracity can either find its origins in our deepest nature ('As Boas Maneiras' - 'Brasil!' theme) or be used as a physical and political act such as by performer Rébecca Chaillon ('My body my rules' by Emilie Jouvet). In short, some spicy and pretty carnal screenings to make the mouth of even the most vegetarian audience water…

Thanks to

Anne Smolar, Aurore Maillet, Aurore Morillon, Carine Demange (Radio Campus), Celia Pouzet (Courts mais trash), Chroniques mutantes (Radio Panik), Cineffable, Dries Douibi (Beursschouwburg), Eleni Chandrinou, Esther Cuenot (Cinemarges), Helena Kritis (Beursschouwburg), Inge Embrechts (Strangelove), Jeffrey Winter (The Film Collaborative), Jo De Witte, Lauren Glaçon, Lilia Collar, Margaux Legroux, Nouchine Motebassem (Sublimage), Salon Solid Hair (Johan), Sarah Pialeprat (BAFF), Stephan Depotter et Bruno Parent (Cineart), Suzy Q, The Swedish Film Institute, Thomas Vilquin et/en Tom Bonte (Beursschouwburg)

This edition of the festival is dedicated to  Nordine Tallih.

All the DJanes, DJs, VJs & performers and volunteers.
And everyone that we may have forgotten...