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Rainer Werner Fassbinder
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Querelle, a sailor with a changing sexuality, arrives in Brest where he finds his brother in the arms of Lysiane, who runs a whore bar with her husband Nono, who also sleeps with the customers lucky enough to lose at dice. Multiple relationships of seduction and violence are woven between the sailors, the bar's troubled customers and even the police, with Querelle at the centre of them.

Querelle, Fassbinder's last film, released exactly 40 years ago, is a sensual and sublime adaptation of Jean Genet's novel Querelle de Brest. This anniversary is the opportunity to rediscover, on big screen and on 35 mm, this excellent depiction of Genet's universe, oversaturated with homoeroticism, exploring the underbelly and the predominantly male milieu to underline its attraction and intoxicating sexuality, even in crime.

Many beautiful images as a tribute.


Martial Salomon (monteur)

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