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Cinema Nova

Girls wanna have fun

Swan dans le centre
Iris Chassaigne
vo: fr
sub: en

In a deserted shopping center, Swan, a junior consultant, navigates the empty hallways in search of clients and salespeople willing to participate in her survey. As days and encounters go by, desire gets in her way...

A motorcyclist crosses the river to go to a lesbian party. There she meets 4 young women living together in a community. An intergenerational encounter.

Catcave Hysteria
Angelika Abramovitch
vo: ensv
sub: fr

A night at a club in the girls' bathroom, big and small dramas come together. A place where you can love, cry, laugh and be yourself.


Axelle, depressed, has to go to her sister's bachelor party in a remote corner of the mountains. Luckily, there is Marguerite. One look and love returns.

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