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Friday, November 8, 2019 - 21:30
Cinema Nova

Un rubio (Le colocataire)

Un rubio
Marco Berger
Argentinavo: es
sub: fren

In the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Gabriel (Gabo), a young widower, shares a flat with Juan, a colleague who is visited almost every evening by a woman. Shy and reserved, Gabo cannot ignore Juan's initially sneaky, progressively insistent looks and advances. What begins as casual sex quickly turns into a passionate and intense relationship. Directed by Marco Berger, whose films ("Taekwondo," "Mariposa") have marked the history of the festival, "Un rubio" reaches a new milestone. Delivering an accomplished, torrid film, Berger's unparalleled ability to capture the tension of desire and sensuality of male bodies shines. 

Trevor Anderson
Canadavo: en
sub: enfr

Or how to express in an entertaining and completely surrealistic way one's fears of dating someone.


Gaston Re (Actor)

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