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Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - 19:00
Cinema Nova

Attractions terrestres

La traction des pôles
Marine Levéel
Francevo: fr
sub: en

Up close, Mickaël seems to be evolving in a confusion of desires: finding his lost pig, getting his degree, breaking his loneliness with a colza desert.... But more than this, Mickaël seems to be rather a point of attraction for Paul.

Two strangers meet for the first time at an old gas station in the middle of nowhere. While the first one fills up the tank, the second is a few euros too short to make it home. The two men will haggle over the price of what separates them from becoming a great story.

Roberto Fiesco
Mexicovo: es
sub: fren

It’s a rainy day and two workmen enter a photo booth. They both take advantage of this small space to smoke, talk and immortalise an extraordinary moment.

Isabella Carbonell
Swedenvo: sv
sub: enfr
On the football pitch, Khalid and Nico, the best of friends, cautiously try to take their friendship to a new level. 
A drowning man
Mahdi Fleifel
DenmarkGreeceUnited Kingdomvo: arel
sub: enfr

Alone and far from home, the kid manages makes to make ends meet. Surrounded by predators, he is forced to make compromises just to survive.

Acá en la Tierra
Rebeca Trejo
Mexicovo: es
sub: fren

Every morning at school, when girls and boys stand in separate lines, Sam feels alienated, faced with the same question: how and where does one fit in when everything needs classifying? Eventually, a teacher helps him to find his place in this world.

Maxime Rappaz
Switzerlandvo: fr
sub: en

This is the first time Adrien has ever been in a sauna. There he discovers a microcosm where the comic of individual tragedies meets the passing of time and where hope blends with melancholy.


Marine Levéel (Director)
Marthe Lamy (Producer)
Jeanne Ezvan (Producer)
Gilles Vanderweerd (Actor)
Victor Fradet (Actor)
Santiago Dolan (Musician)

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