Thu. 03/08/2023 - 19:30
Cinema Aventure


Ira Sachs
vo: enfr
sub: frnl
Tomas finished filming and is looking forward to party. Tomas partner Martin thinks differently and Tomas meets Agathe at that party.
The very start of a triangular relationship. Tomas cycles from one apartment to another, from one intimacy to another. The apparently banal dialogues hide a pronounced power struggle, with Tomas using his charisma, a certain childish sincerity and his outbursts to win over his 2 preys when he fears that they will slip away from him.
Passages revels in subtlety: the barometer that brings the feelings into play. While the heart of the matter, namely sexuality, seems to be a blind spot in the story, only for a second mind: in a long, disturbing scene, we witness the powerful sexual bond that unites Tomas and Martin and the film makes us feel the vertigo of the love between the lovers.


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Cinema Aventure

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