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Arrête avec tes mensonges

Lie with me

Arrête avec tes mensonges
Olivier Peyon
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Novelist Stéphane Belcourt (Guillaume de Tonquédec) has agreed to support the bicentenary of a famous brand of cognac. The perfect opportunity to return for the first time to the town where he grew up. There he meets Lucas (Victor Belmondo), the son of his first love. The memories shoot back and forth: that irrepressible longing, bodies coming together, a tacit passion.... That first love was called Thomas and they were 17.
Based on Philippe Besson's novel of the same name and largely autobiographical, the film immerses us in a provincial and rural France in the mid-1980s, where coming-out was not particularly fashionable.
The film subtly swings back and forth between past and present, revealing little by little all the facets of the story, but leaving all the space to the present through the face-to-face between two people who have both suffered from the attitude of the same person, a brutal and unexplained break-up for Stéphane, and his father's unspoken word for Lucas.
A sophisticated film that takes us on a heartbreaking journey through time and feelings.


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