Thu. 06/12/2012 - 19:30
Cinema Aventure

I am Gay and Muslim

Chris Belloni
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Homosexuality in the Islamic world is the central theme in this film that follows a number of young gay men in Morocco in their quest of their religious and sexual identity. Stimulated by the stereotypes which claim that 'western' values like homosexuality and Muslims seem incompatible the filmmaker traveled to Morocco to meet with gay Muslims. The portrayed men share personal experiences about the double life in which they feel condemned, though some now openly acknowledge their orientation.

The screening

Après le PINK SCREENS Film Festival, GENRES D'A COTE est heureux de vous présenter I AM GAY AND MUSLIM en collaboration avec MERHABA et CINOUT. La séance sera suivi d'un débat.Dans le cadre du Film For Life - Encore une occasion de soutenir les projets du Swim for Life...Prix d'entrée: 5 euros

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